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Is My Husband Gay?

That’s the question  posed on a website named Christwire in one article that’s attracting much attention.  Another  headline read, “Hurricane Earl’s Projected Path: Gay East Coast of America.”  This outrageous website makes me wonder just how much further right can evangelical Christianity take us? While it has sparked some outrage, the website has also attracted a following of like minded believers, and others that contribute material.  It’s so extreme that  in  any another light it would be a parody of itself, just too much to believe.

And thank God for that light, because the entire site is one big joke.

The NY Times reported that this bizarre collection of columns, features, and photos, is a spot on parody of the ultra conservative drivel that is spouted daily on cable TV, AM radio, or fringe websites like, well, Christwire.  Similar in nature to Stephen Colbert’s, The Colbert Report, the satire is so close to the edge that people from both sides of the fence tune in – those that find relief in the cutting humor, and the faithful that might find it a bit odd, but with talking points that seem familiar enough to feel just about right. It would blend in perfectly between some Fox News pundits and a late night TV evangelist.

The gay husband feature has received 8.3 million views. (!)  The HuffPo, according to the Times piece, was “hoodwinked” enough to criticize the absurdity of the article.  Other, serious (extremist) bloggers have allowed Christwire to repost their material, unaware that they were being ridiculed. They do accept submissions from several sources, most are written under pseudonyms.  No one is sure who wrote the gay husband article at all! Evidently, most of the sites owners have tried to obscure their identity and their true mission, which is not so much to ridicule any particular religion.

Their target, they say, is not Christians but those who do not question what they hear on the news.“There’s just rampant idiocy in the media sometimes,” Mr. Watson said. “People watch their favorite news channels, don’t question it and will regurgitate it the next day at the office. That is no good at all.”

It seems the only true advantage that progressives within the church have is a sense of humor.  It just gets a little strange when you can barely tell parody from the real thing. Take a look around the site, and see how much rhetorical nonsense that you can recall overhearing in your community.

Now, Mr. and Mr. ChristWire have decided to give up their anonymity. We can only hope that public exposure does not undermine their project, eloquently summarized by Mr. Butvidas: “Let’s write stuff to expose how stupid people are.”

But remember ladies, if your husband has a gym membership but no interest in sports, or if his clothes are too tight and “trendy”, it’s time to seek some spiritual counseling.

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